X-Loupe Microscope Camera

X-Loupe Microscope Camera

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Ex Tax: 4,370.00€
Zoom: 4.0 optical zoom, no digital zoom
Camera: 3264 x 2448 pixel (8.0 megapixel)
Recordable range: 60x lens: 14.1 x 10.6mm, 4,6μm/pixel. 150x lens: 5.1 x 3.8mm, 1.7μm/pixel. 300x lens: 2.2 x 1.6mm, 0.7μm/pixel.
Dimensions: 105x65x115mm (with 60x lens), 105x65x105mm (with 150x lens), 105x65x150mm (with 300x lens).
Light emitter: Integrated white light (UV) LED illumination
Weight : approx.250 g (with lens)
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 113.100.110


The portable X-Loupe microscope camera is irreplaceable for precise, fast and traceable documentation. This is a modified Canon IXUS camera with attachable battery module and three interchangeable lenses – of 60x, 100x and 150x magnification.

The lenses incorporate an adjustable LED light. This feature solves the most challenging illumination problems when taking micro photography. The X-Loupe is completely independent of all exterior light sources and can be used under any light conditions.

Moreover the microscope camera can be combined with an UV lens, which enables defects estimation and further documentation under UV light.

The X-Loupe captures images of objects in the range from 15 mm to 0,005mm, making it possible to identify microscopic details that need attention, and via image management software making them available to customer within minutes. The software enables to transmit high definition images where observations, comments as well as measurements are included within the image. So the microscope camera makes it possible not only to get high resolution pictures but also to estimate defect geometry.

The image can then be sent as a JPEG file or as a detailed Excel spreadsheet.