SLIM-LINE stationary UV LED lamp

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Ex Tax: 6,158.25€
Dimensions: 610 x 340 x 90 mm
Emission half-width: ca. 8,5 nm
Input voltage: 36 V
Lifetime of UV source: approx. 20000 hrs
Operating current: approx. 2,4 A
Protection class: IP 20
Risk class acc. to EM6: II
UV intensity at 400 mm: > 5.700 µW/cm²
UV source : 36 x UV-LED
Warm-up time: no
Wavelength: 365 nm
Weight : approx. 10,0 kg
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 144.100.001


The SLIM-LINE is a compact stationary UV LED lamp. The lamp is notable for high efficiency at low power consumption, low heat generation and next to unlimited lifetime of the UV radiant. Furthermore the lamp doesn’t require any warm-up time and thereby is immediately ready for use after switch on.

The steel housing of the lamp integrates all electrical components like control unit, follow-up relay, auxiliary contactor, ammeter, operating time meter, mains switch, protective devices, temperature monitoring device with display, ventilator, connector block etc.