MET-L-CHEK FP-97A(M)* (10 L)

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Delivery form: 10 L can
Sensitivity Level acc. to AMS- 2644: Level 4 (maximum sensitivity)
Removal method: B – emulsification with lipophilic emulsifier C – Solvent wipe removal D – emulsification with hydrophilic emulsifier (Dip: 17-20%, Spray: 5% concentration)
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 122.102.503
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An ultra high sensitivity penetrant that is approved for use on fracture critical rotating turbine components. It may be used for machinings, welded items and similar parts with either lipophilic E-57 (Method B) or hydrophilic E-58D (Method D) emulsifiers. Approved by Pratt and Whitney, GE, Detroit Diesel Allison, Rolls Roys and other prime aerospace contractors. PMC # 4354-7. The low content of sulfur and halogens was ascertained and confirmed according to ASTM E 165-02 and ASTM D 516-02, as well as to requirements of KWU and DIN EN ISO 3452. 

* Pratt &Whitney PMC listed material. 

All the penetrants are listed on the Qualified Products List for MIL-I-25135E and AMS-2644. They meet the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and ASTM E-1417 for penetrant inspection materials. All meet the OSHA open tank use requirement of having flash points over 200°F (93°C). Most of them are approved by Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, AEG, Detroit Diesel Allison and other prime aerospace contractors. MET-L-CHEK materials are low in Sulfur, Chlorine and other Halogens, making them safe for use on titanium and high nickel alloys in nuclear applications. 

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