Reference Block No.2 (DIN EN ISO 9934-2)

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Dimensions: 155 х 40 х 12 mm
Tangential component: G (-4): -1 А/сm, В (4): 1 А/cm.
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 134.002.100


Reference and test blocks are used for the quality analysis of the magnetic particle suspensions as well as for the estimation of MT overall performance. 

Reference block No. 2 is a self contained unit requiring no external magnetic field induction. It is used to determine the quality of the magnetic particle suspensions. The block consists of 2 soft iron bars, separated by a thin (15µm) Al-foil, representing an artificial defect. Permanent magnets are set on the sample ends. Because of the permanent magnetic field the bars get magnetized and magnetic particles accumulate over the artificial defect, forming the indication lines. The quality of the suspension or dry powder is estimated over the summarized length of the lines.