D 250 Magnetic Field Indicator (ASME Indicator)

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Holder length: 100 mm
Sample diameter: 27 mm
Sample height: 4 mm
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 134.003.100
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  • Bottle 142 ml
  • Container 5 kg


Reference and test blocks are used for the quality analysis of the magnetic particle suspensions as well as for the estimation of MT overall performance. 

The ASME indicator is used for localization of magnetic fields and their directions during performance of magnetic particle testing. Suitable magnetic flux is obtained when the indicator is laid copper side up on the work piece in the area of interest and a clearly defined indication is formed across its face when magnetic particle suspension is applied. 

The magnetic field indicator type D 250 is designed in accordance with the following specifications: MIL-STD-271 E, §, figure 8 NAVSHIPS 250-1500-1, §, figure 12 – 17 ASME, section V, Art. 25, SA-275, figure 8.