UM 15 / HANSA-230 Hand Yoke Electromagnet

UM 15 / HANSA-230 Hand Yoke Electromagnet

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Ex Tax: 910.80€
Cable (detachable): 3 m
Dimensions: 255x173x45 mm
Duty cycle: 50 %
Input voltage: 230 V
Lifting force: 50 N
Operating current: 3 А
Pole cross section: 25x25 mm
Pole spacing: 95-245 mm
Protection class: IP 65
Tangential field strength: 23 A/cm
Weight : 3,2 kg
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 131.002.028


The UM 15 hand yokes differ in dimensions (pole spacing and length), in weight and in lifting strength. Optionally the devices can be fitted with two-limbs flexible legs, whose lower limbs can be swung inwards and outwards by 45°. The pole spacing can be hereby increased or decreased by approximately 60 cm. Due to 45° inclination of the contact surface the legs fit optimal the geometry of the object under testing. 

The UM 15 / HANSA-230 hand yokes are completely sealed, being fed with main voltage of 230 Volt and possess the IP 65 protection class. The UM 15 hand yoke is provided with three-limbs flexible legs in standard execution. Hereby the poles distance can be set in the range from 95 up to 250 mm. 

All hand yokes of HANSA series meet – also with flexible legs by maximum pole spacing – the requirements of general guidelines and standards (EN ISO 9934-3, ASTM 709 and ASME Code, Sect. V). Here a lifting strength of min. 45 N (4,5 kg) or a tangential field strength of min. 20 A/cm (EN ISO 9934-3) is required as operational capability proof.