Flaw Finder Type A Permanent Magnet

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Ex Tax: 408.85€
Lifting force: > 30 kg (294 N) (ASTM E1444 requires min. 22,5 kg)
Magnetic material: neodymium-iron-boron
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 131.001.010


The Flaw Finder permanent magnets are a simple solution for the effective, easy and quick parts magnetization for detection of surface and subsurface defects. The conception of the Flaw Finders makes it possible to use the devices for testing such objects, where the application of electromagnetic yokes is impracticable or prohibited for safety reasons. Flaw Finder Type A meets the requirements of ASTM E709-95 and ASTM E1444 and is an ideal instrument for magnetizing of small-sized parts and weld joints. It consists of 2 permanent magnets connected with a magnetic conductor.