Super Magna LY 2500 (1 L)

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Ex Tax: 24.20€
Average grain size (µm): 4
Delivery form: Can 1 L
Recommended concentration (g/l): 0,4-1
Sedimentation (1 g/l)/100ml: 0,25
Fluorescence coefficient (Cd/W) : 2,8
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 135.103.301
Delivery form:
  • Can 1 L


The liquid and dry concentrates for preparing of water-based magnetic particle suspensions contain all necessary wetting, antifoam and antirust agents. These concentrates are used even for the inspection of corrosion sensitive parts. The usage of concentrates also helps to cut down the shipping and storing costs considerably. Contains wetting, antifoam (silicone free) and antirust agents. Halogens free. The inspection media from HELLING meet the requirements of ASME-Code, Sect. V, ASTM E 709 and EN ISO 9934.