Super Magna LY 2300 (1L)

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Ex Tax: 19.20€
Average grain size (µm): 6
Delivery form: 1 L can
Recommended concentration (g/l): 0,4-1
Sedimentation (1 g/l)/100ml: 0,25
Fluorescence coefficient (Cd/W) : 3,4
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 135.102.216
Delivery form:
  • Can 1 L


The ready-to-use suspensions are an ideal inspection material for testing on construction sites and mounting pads or for sampling inspection. The suspensions are based on colorless, odor-free, non-irritant, low-viscosity oils. The oils have no intrinsic fluorescence, that is why the very contrasting and brilliant defect indication is achieved. The inspection media from HELLING meet the requirements of ASME-Code, Sect. V, ASTM E 709 and EN ISO 9934.