BW 333 (1L)

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Ex Tax: 30.45€
Average grain size (µm): 4
Delivery form: 1 L can
Recommended concentration (g/l): 3-5
Sedimentation (1 g/l)/100ml: 0,1
Color: Black
Brand: Helling
Product Code: 135.002.031
Delivery form:
  • Can 1 L


The dry concentrates for preparing of water-based magnetic particle suspensions contain all necessary wetting, antifoam and antirust agents. These concentrates are used even for the inspection of corrosion-sensitive parts. The usage of concentrates also helps to cut down the shipping and storing costs considerably. The inspection media from HELLING meet the requirements of ASME-Code, Sect. V, ASTM E 709 and EN ISO 9934.